Wangi Mens Shed Inc

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Corona Virus

Due to COVID-19, we are placing restrictions on Shed activities.  If you need details visit the shed on the days that it is open, or call on of our committee members - see list on left.


Cutting Boards

The Wangi Men’s Shed manufactures laminated timber cutting boards from a range of (mainly Australian) hardwoods selected for their colour variation and durability.  These are bonded with a high quality water proof, food grade approved, adhesive; and finished with multiple coats of paraffin oil.  They make a practical and attractive gift, and can be made to order.

Camp Oven

The Wangi Camp Oven is a versatile and compact camping companion that packs up into itself for convenient, compact storage and transportation. It provides a safe and contained fire (on the occasions when there are no designated fire pits available) to cook with a camp oven or BBQ plate, heat a Billy for a cuppa or just sit beside a mesmerizing warm fire.

The Wangi Camp Oven is available for a donation of $150.00 from our Mens Shed. Click here for details.

Camp Fire

As a variation on the Camp Oven, we now have a camp fire available at a much lower price.

Drop into the shed on Tuesday or Wednesday morning to check out your options.

Indian Myna Bird Trap

Indian Mynas are introduced birds considered as a local pest species. They can have a negative impact on biodiversity by competing with local wildlife for nesting sites and hollows. They are often viewed as a social nuisance as they can have noisy communal roosts, favour nesting in roofs of houses and can foul outdoor eating areas.

The use of traps is the most effective method of controlling Indian Mynas. Wangi Men's Shed is providing traps to individuals that have agreed to adhere to the animal welfare protocol.  For more details about the trap click here.

Community Projects

The Shed is involved in a number of community projects like these.

1. Restoration of Children’s Hospital Cots for export to the South Pacific Islands.

2. Fox Proof Chicken Enclosure for the Rathmines Primary School.

3. Restoration of Peter Pan Pre School wooden Play Equipment.

4. Restoration of Arcadia Vale Primary School Garden Seat.

5. Restoration of Wangi Primary School Tables.

6. Recreation and restoration of a round table for Dobell House that the late Sir William Dobell painted on in his studio

7. Manufacture of lesson blocks for Heaton Primary School that hold a laminated lesson sheet for the students. 

8. Restoration of a classic clinker Boat for a Deceased Estate.

9. Provide assistance with property clean-up and disposal for select Widows and the elderly, when they down size their homes and don’t have the means or family to assist them. 

Any monetary donations received from these community projects are used to defray the costs of running the Men’s Shed and allow us to continue assisting the community with future projects.  Click here for more details.